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开篇之言 The Foreword

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       文章来源  Focuses 聚焦


       The Most Holy Prophet Mohanmod (S.W. ) said: “Even though the truth is far away in China, you should go to seek for it. Rejecting to seek for truth is wrong and doing bad deeds.”


       “As Islamic culture system is not the mainstream in China, it has been subjected to one after another cultural shock over a thousand years. However, the vigorous vitality of islam has not weakened or fallen in the shocks. On the contrary, it promoted continuous communication of civilizations, and this kind of communication reached summit during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Only scholars with true knowledge can understand what is the balanced point and what is the essential difference during the process of civilization integration. Therefore, they can preserve the authenticity of Islam while maintaining communication. Fortunately, in China, Islam has found similarities with Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism through communication with traditional Chinese cultures. It has also enriched Chinese civilization to a certain extent.“


       “In this situation, some people will doubt that can Islam in China perform the image of Islam from our prophet Mohanmod (S. W.)? In fact, Islam in China has completely inherited the etiquette rules and spiritual essence of Islam through the generations of sages and scholars. it even more strictly follows the Islamic specific etiquette rules than the Arab world. The etiquette rules are traditional appearance. Some Hajs coming back from Mecca and Medina has said: "the most solemn when praying in forbidden mosque, in Mecca, is Chinese Muslims.” As for the level of spiritual essence, Islam in China is still outstanding. people approach Allah with reverence and goodness. Even, some require themselves to be selfless and self-abnegation, who do practice religion for real worship because of Allah insteand of adoring heaven or being afraid of hell. Meanwhile, they have a comprehensive understanding about prophet Mohanmod(S. W.), granting his dignity under the principle that he is a man rather than the lord. He is the selected one, highest rank prophet, by Allah who is sent to this world for Allah’s mercy to human being. He is praised by Allah and all angles. Therefore, these people cultivate their love for Mohanmod (S. W.) and get Allah’s mercy and wish in the journey of love…Islam in China is quite noble.”


       Mentioned above is quoted from one genuine Chinese sufi master.


       After more than one thousand years' historical inheritance and development, Islam in China has formed its own religious system, consistently adhering to the roots of Islam and properly being used to Chinese custom. It contains knowledge and secrets about Allah, religious guide to individual in all aspects, and interpretation of group responsibility for building a civilized, harmonious and loving social environment… In short, “Islam coming from Arabic Peninsula with 3 levels’ practical theory, spreading in China as inheritance and development. " Focus and study the real truth from the greats, in order to inherit prophet Mohanmod’ (S. W.) true knowledge and mission: internal cultivation to return real self; strict teaching on families to enforce the roots of religion; contributing to local peace by getting along with neighbours; admonishing Adan’s descendants to do good deeds and stay away from evil deeds … Through goodness and sincere praise to prophet Mohanmod(S. W.), we may obtain Allah’s joy and come back to him safely.
圣传真道网—中国正统伊斯兰网站 http://www.chinasufi.cn
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圣传真道网—中国正统伊斯兰网站 http://www.chinasufi.cn
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圣传真道网—中国正统伊斯兰网站 http://www.chinasufi.cn
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圣传真道网—中国正统伊斯兰网站 http://www.chinasufi.cn
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圣传真道网—中国正统伊斯兰网站 http://www.chinasufi.cn
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圣传真道网—中国正统伊斯兰网站 http://www.chinasufi.cn
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圣传真道网—中国正统伊斯兰网站 http://www.chinasufi.cn
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圣传真道网—中国正统伊斯兰网站 http://www.chinasufi.cn
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圣传真道网—中国正统伊斯兰网站 http://www.chinasufi.cn
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圣传真道网—中国正统伊斯兰网站 http://www.chinasufi.cn
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